Buyer Reviews


Sincerely, BILL

"Just received my book on Friday and haven't been able to let go of it. You've outdid yourself this time. It is the most beautiful baseball book I have ever see and will be something that I will, with pleasure, pass down to my grandson. What a wonderful compellation of your great work; all in one place. Thank you for your consideration and thank you for producing such a wonderful book...... it is truly a treasure!"

Skip M.

"The Immortals arrived today. Brad was right. You continue to give us beautiful images of the greatest players that played the greatest game. I looked at it cover to cover and it felt like I had walked through the Louvre of baseball."

Kim J.

"Just wanted to let you know that the book arrived today.  I don't know how to describe my reaction. Overwhelmed doesn't seem to come close!  The book is breathtaking!  It is a gorgeous volume of treasured art works and baseball history.  Dick, if this is being received by you, I want you to know how much I will treasure the drawing of Roberto!  It exceeds my expectations.  I am proud to have invested in all your works and to possess this legacy of beautiful artwork.  I can't wait to sit down and devour it all. Thanks again!!"

Peter S.

"Dick, Let me share with our FB friends some of what I wrote to you privately, Dick, about THE IMMORTALS. There are so many images that are new to me! The book is a delight and a feast. I want  to devour it at one sitting but I think I will savor it slowly. This is a massive undertaking and forms a monument in the history of baseball art. I had expected the book to be eye-poppingly wonderful, but truly you have exceeded my expectations.
The loose oil studies and rougher oils, with impasto, are likewise unfamilair and splendid. Well, why gush prematurely. Let me enjoy each page for awhile."

John T.

"... they did take out The Immortals from the vault and allow me to look at it. This was after I'd seen your promo pamphlet--which had already knocked my socks off for its elegant beauty--and the book just absolutely blew me away. It was like holding a museum of fine art in my hands. The gravity of your renderings, the sweeping scope of history, the extraordinarily high publishing quality--I savored it all. What an opus, as T.S. called it in his article, or maybe le mot juste is oeuvre, since that's really the essence of it--your life's work. A masterpiece of masterpieces. By painting the Immortals, you've managed to immortalize both them and yourself. Bravo!"


"Mr. Perez, I recently received my copy of The Immortals and I was incredibly impressed. The book is a great tribute to the art. Like the art, it is the epitomy of elegance, grace and beauty. Now that we can see the art of the post 2000 Hall of Famers, I hope we soon see the return of the post cards. I was one of the original subscribers and would love to bring the Post Card Collection up to date. Congratulations on a great work of art."

Cesar P.


Larry G.

"Every time I open the pages of your new book, "The Immortals", it is an adventure into baseball's historic past. Of the many favorite paintings, I really get a feel for reality on pages 245 and 374, Dickey and Rizzuto. Dick Perez's genius is summed up in his own words on page 12, second paragragh, first sentence. I have loved baseball since 1938 and "The Immortals" is a summary of that Love."

Jerry G.

"Mr. Perez, I received my copy of The Immortals.  It is magnificent!!  You have created a baseball masterpiece!! Thank you very much for taking the time and making the effort to sign my book.  This is a real treasure. Please keep me informed of your future endeavors and any local public appearances you might make.  I would love to meet you. Thanks, again."

Charlie M.

"I received the book and painting just a few minutes ago and I am speechless from the beauty of it. I was hoping for Ted Williams as he is my favorite of all time. This book will take me weeks to go through and enjoy and I am sure I will be enjoying it many times over in the years to come. I love the accurate data and stories of each subject, very well thought out. Again, simply amazing! Thank you so much."

Chuck R.

"Dick's legion of fans will love this; his new fans will find this one of the best representations yet presented of the game's past."

Tom Seaver, from Foreword of the book

"Book Received... it is Beautiful, and I'm sure it will be enjoyed for years to come. Thank you."

Jim G.

"Just wanted to say the book is fantastic... your work is unbelievable. I noticed the art work (color edition) is Sold Out. Do you still have B/W editions as I may want another. I may go with a plain edition to gather autographs or another B/W art edition of my other favorite Hall of Famer, Tom Seaver."

Bill G

"I received my copy of the Immortals yesterday.  Wow what a nice book. It’s everything I thought it would be. Thanks again for your help... I am really pleased with the Williams original."


"Mr. Dick Perez, I just received my book The Immortals-An Art Collection of Baseball's Best. I just have one word to describe the book. FANTASTIC. What a great job you and whoever helped you put this book together did. I just don't have enough words to describe the book. The best I have every seen as far as art work and stories about the players. I haven't read all of it yet, but I did browse the whole book to see the artwork. Fabulous piece of work. I collect as much as I can of Perez-Steele work. I love it. I am sure I am on your mailing list. Whenever there is new product coming out, please send me the info. Again CONGRATULATIONS on a great product"

Nicholas A.

"I just received my copy of The Immortals and couldn't put it down.  Another excellent product and presentation from you and your colleagues."

John D.

"I opened the book – it is fantastic. Thank you"

Michael S.

"Just wanted to let you know that I received "The Immortals" today and it's perfect!!  And I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your willingness to work with me to make me a satisfied customer.  It really is a beautiful book and, in many ways, a man's lifes-work in a single volume. That's a rare and wonderful thing. Thanks again,"

Terry S.

"Just a short note to let you know how pleased I was with "The Immortals". what a beautiful book, I ordered one for my son as well as for myself, will probably order another one as an investment for the future. Great job."

Dick V.

"Hope all is well and you are finally relaxing a little. Some of my customers have already received your book and the reviews are stunning!!! If you would like, I can collect them and send them to you at a later date."

Duncan C.


Stephen S.

"The signed copy  of The Immortals arrived this past weekend. The book is simply overwhelming. I know that I will be spending numerous hours with it during the months to come. Thank you very much for making sure I received a signed copy. It will be a prized addition to my collection of your work."

Pat S.

"WOW! Just received the book. It seems inadequate to refer to this as a book. Your work is amazing. I am going to show this around to some of my media friends. Perhaps they will do a story. I spend countless hours in my Hall of Fame room where the entire "Celebration" series is framed and displayed along with the first thirty inductees. Now I have this."

Rich S.

"I received my copy of "The Immortals" today and have spent several hours going through it, page by page. Everything about it is wonderful, except picking it up, but I forgive you for that. I go back a long way with your work. I have complete unsigned sets of the Perez-Steele postcards, Celebration, Great Moments and Masterworks, fully signed sets of Great Moments and Celebration and a nearly complete autographed set of postcards. As a now-retired newspaper sports memorabilia columnist (San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle), I'm one of a legion of people who would like to see the postcard set reinstituted, but, short of that, "The Immortals" helps fill the void -- and is a real valentine to the Great Game. Well done, and much good luck with it! My best,"

Dwight C.

"... I will go through your book with my grandchildren to help them learn about the game."

Errol S.

"The book is even better than I imagined and I love the picture of Henry Aaron! Thanks very much!!"

Chris P.

"WOW!!! Rec'd UR book and finally opened the signed edition for Christmas.... totally awesome!!! Brings back memories of receiving the Perez Steele set back in the early 80's, and then trying to complete as many autographed as possible..."

Stan G.

"On first glance at the just received "The Immortals," all I can say is "Wow!" Got as far as Roger Connor (first grand slam) - overcome by "wows." With "The Immortals," I think you hit one out of the park, way out.

Joe L.

"Dick, My wife gave me a copy of "The Immortals" for Christmas and it is awesome... you personalized it to me which make it even more special... I will enjoy this for years. Your art work is outstanding and I highly recommend this book...

Thanks so much, Grant M.

"Dear Dick, I received both orders yesterday and after looking through the IMMORTALS book and viewing the two giclée prints [Richie Ashburn & Paul Molitor] I can only say ... Your work is AWESOME! The people who will be receiving these for Christmas will be thrilled. I am fortunate enough to own your complete Perez-Steel Art Post Card Collection [84 signed], complete Celebration Collection and almost the entire Great Moments Collection. You have provided so many of us with such a thrill for the game through your art work ... don't EVER stop. Keep the faith."

Merry Christmas! Brandon Rose, Fort Myers, Florida

"Many thanks, the print arrived late last night. Outstanding work!!!

Merry Christmas to you all."


" Received The Immortals for Christmas - an absolutely beautiful book! "

John Hirt

" Mr. Perez, I received the book and signed Mantle print this morning. The book is beautiful (I just got done leafing through it) and the print will find a spot somewhere on the wall of my "Baseball Man Cave." I look forward to reading the book and having some HOFers put their mark on your work. Again, I thank you and please know how much I've always appreciated your art and the way you've always captured the essence and nuances of the game. "

Sincerely, Tom Sheridan

" Dick, I just got your book. WOW! It's Phenomenal. It will take a lifetime to go through it. It's definitely a Hall of Fame book. "

- Joseph G.